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Roborock S7 MaxV / S7 MaxV Ultra Robot Vacuum and Mop

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S7 MaxV
Obstacle Avoidance: ReactiveAI 2.0 Obstacle avoidance uses a camera for hazard recognition, with an LED for recognition in dark rooms for accurate obstacle recognition in day or night.
Real-Time Video Call: Video call to anywhere in your home through your robot. See who you are talking to, and hear them too.
Powerful Suction with Precision Navigation: Clean extra deeply with a maximum suction of 5100Pa in Max+ mode, and get maximum coverage with precision LiDAR navigation.
Avoiding the Unknown: Equipped with 3D Structured Light obstacle sensing, unknown obstacles are accurately identified and avoided.
Sonic Vibration Technology: Mop effectively with sonic mopping that scrubs at up to 3000 cycles per minute to shift dried on stains.
Mop Floors and Vacuum Carpets in One Go: Mop more effectively with sonic vibration technology. The mop lifts automatically when a carpet is detected to mop floors and vacuum carpets in one run.
Multi-Directional Floating Brush: Multi-plane floating brush keeps the brush close to the floor on uneven surfaces for better agitation.
Clean Your Way: Understand your home better with 3D Mapping, and tailor your cleaning with multi-level mapping, room specific settings, No-Go Zones, No-Mop Zones and more.
Voice Control: Start a clean, change settings and more with the power of your voice.
Roborock S7MaxV is compatible with Roborock Auto-Empty Dock which needs to purchase separately.

S7 MaxV Ultra
Roborock’s smartest robot combo yet. S7 MaxV Ultra provides an extremely convenient, totally hands-free cleaning experience. Using the Empty Wash Fill Dock, you get automatic dust emptying, mop washing, and robot water tank refilling. The dock even cleans itself too.
Self-Refilling and Self-Emptying. The Empty Wash Fill Dock automatically refills the S7 MaxV water tank when it docks, extending its mopping range to up to 3230 sqft (300 sqm). The dock also empties the robot vacuum and holds enough dust for up to 7-weeks without emptying.
ReactiveAI 2.0. With Roborock’s next generation of obstacle avoidance technology, ReactiveAI 2.0, S7 MaxV can navigate around common domestic hazards using its RGB camera and a new neural processing unit. An additional light turns on in dark rooms, making obstacle recognition as effective at night as during the day. 3D structured light systems supplement the RGB camera and can spot unknown objects, determine their size and location, and allow the robot to navigate around them.
Next-Level Intelligence. Using its camera, S7 MaxV can now recognize the furniture in your home and place them on the map automatically. It can also identify your floors in each room and recommend cleaning patterns and scrub intensity accordingly.
The Most Powerful Roborock Robot Vacuum Ever. S7 MaxV has more suction power than any previous Roborock robot vacuum, generating a maximum of 5100 Pa. That’s more than double the power of S6 MaxV. It quickly picks up debris, hair, dust, and more from hard floors and carpets.
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