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Eraclean GFC01 Fruit and vegetable washing machine

RM 149.00
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product description

This product can be used to purify pesticide residues and bacteria on the surface of vegetables and fruits, and can also be used to disinfect various kitchen utensils. According to the usage, the product can be placed in the household sink or sink, or it can be placed in other convenient and hygienic plastic bags or non-leak hygienic containers when going out for easy use. .

Instructions for use:

1. For the first time use, please place the product host on the charging base to charge

2. Connect the USB charging cable to the port, connect the other end of the cable to the power adapter (please use 5V 2A specification), and insert the power adapter plug into the household power supply

3. Lightly place the product host on the wireless induction charging base, center it on it, and the product starts to charge

4. When charging, the button ring indicator light flashes alternately in red and green. When charging is complete, the green indicator light is always on

5. Power on: lightly press the control button, the ring indicator light turns green, and when you hear the sound of "di", the machine will be in a standby state (the machine will automatically shut down if there is no operation within 30 seconds). Press it again, accompanied by a "beep" sound. The ring green light and blue work light flash at the same time, and the product starts to work. The product will automatically shut down when the work is completed. (The single running time of the product is minutes. After the work is completed, the product will make 3 beeps, and the product will automatically shut down)

Product name: Portable fruit and vegetable washing machine

Product model: GFC01

Waterproof rating: IPX7 rated

Charging voltage: 5V

Charging time: ≤8H

Rated charging current: 1.3A

Product size: outer diameter 106x height 74mm (with charging base)

Product net weight: about 0.44kg (with charging base) Rated power: 10W

Implementation standard: GB4706.1

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