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Aqara Smart LED Bulb T1 (Turnable White)

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1)Smart bulb T1 is newest of aqara bulb . works with Chines server .

2) input Voltage 220-240V .

3) Able connect to Mijia Home and Homekit

Main Feature

The Aqara LED Light Bulb is a smart bulb designed with an E27 base that can be used in many existing light fixtures and lamps. Once installed, it integrates directly into your smart home, giving you controls not only on power (on/off), but also on brightness and colour temperatures.

As part of your Aqara Smart Home, your smart bulbs can also react to motion sensors, door sensors, time-of-day, geolocations, or as part of scenes. As an example, your bulbs can dim on a Movie Time scene.

Besides Aqara Home, the Aqara LED Smart Light Bulbs are compatible and can be controlled with Apple HomeKit

An Aqara Smart Hub is required.

Adjusting Brightness: The Aqara LED Smart Bulb can dim or brighten based on your needs. Bright lights are great for concentration and doing work. Dim lights are great for ambience and to get you ready for bed. Have your smart bulbs react to time, scenes, or switches.

For example, lights can brighten at 8pm, and dim at 10pm – to signal the end of the day.

The Aqara LED T1 Bulb also has support for adjustable transition settings and dynamic scenes. Transitions can be switches from lightning-fast switches to slow and gradual transitions. Dynamic scenes can be achieved by switching brightness or colour temperatures through circulation settings.

Adjusting Colour Temperature (White Specturm)

The Aqara Smart Bulbs can adjust from 2700K to 6500K, which are white colour temperatures that ranges from very warm white lights, to very cool white lights.

Warm lights are great for night-time and for a cozy ambience. Cool lights are good for concentration and daytime activities. Both are possible using the Aqara smart bulbs.

Apple HomeKit Adaptive Lighting

As smart lighting bulbs fully compatible with Apple HomeKit, the Aqara E27 bulbs have another feature – they support Apple’s Adaptive Lighting technology. Once enabled in the Apple Home app, Adaptive Lighting bulbs will automatically choose an appropriate colour temperature for the time of day (cooler at noon and warmer in the evenings). Besides that, the smart lights will automatically turn warmer when you dim your lights. All of this happens without user input, and works even when the power is turned off and on.

As these brightness and temperature adjustments are continually and gradually implemented throughout the day, there’s no need for extra automations for evening lights or morning lights to get them to the right colour temperature. It’s now just a simple feature to enable in your Apple Home app.


Model: ZNLDP13LM

Input: 220 – 240V, 50/60Hz

Colour Reproduction: RA90+

Power: 8.5W

Color Rendering Index: Ra90

Luminous Flux: 806 lm

Dimensions: 60 (dia) × 115 mm (2.36 × 4.72 in.)

Color Temperature: 2700 K – 650

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